Posted on March 3, 2014

Yesterday in North Carolina it felt decidedly like Spring had arrived. Today, not so much. And later this week we have a possibility of a rain/snow mix. So much for Spring weather it seems. But I am sure that it will arrive and soon blossoms will be bursting forth and the birds will sing and the sun will shine and children and dogs will run crazy circles in the yard.  And it will stay around for a while. I promise. So plan now to celebrate that with a mini session. I am offering a 30 minute session (outdoor only) with five digital files (delivered via download), and a release to print to your heart’s content for only $250. This is good for a group of up to 6 persons but does not include the newborn session. Anyone that has been around a newborn session knows that a mini would be impossible. hehe.  This would be great for a family session or a baby or a mommy and me or a maternity session. And dads listen up….mom would love this as a gift. You would be her super hero.  And on the flip side I bet it would make everyone’s heart  happy to have a daddy and me session. Just sayin…
I will be scheduling only a limited amount of these minis….my spring is already quite busy. So don’t delay in reserving your spot now. More fine print:  the $250 fee must be paid for at least two weeks in advance of the session and the session must take place on or before May 15, 2014.  You will be provided with a gallery of at least 10 images from which to choose your five digital files. Location for session will be outdoor and within 15ish miles of Tryon, NC.

So don’t delay. Spring will be here. Really it will. It will. It will. Keep repeating that and carry on.

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Posted on April 8, 2013

Typically I am behind in my blogging (like waaay behind) but I think you will forgive me this time after you see some of these images from this beautiful family’s session. Sweet little Mathis Rose is the new addition and mom and dad (grandmas too) are understandably over the moon crazy over her. She is absolutely one thousand percent adorable. No make that  ADORABLE with caps. Really love this baby and this family. In fact I am over the moon crazy about all of them. They are such fun clients.  I had so much fun getting to know them and capturing these images for them. I can’t wait to see them all again when we do Mathis’ six month session.  How much she will have changed during these next months. Enjoy!








Posted on July 7, 2012

I have always held it against my parents that they never gave me a sister. To this day I am jealous of those that have sisters. I imagined that a sister would be someone that would be closer than a best friend. Someone to share dresses, nail polish and favorite shoes with. Someone that would keep my secrets safe. Having a sister would be like having a slumber party every night. Of course those of you that have sisters will probably tell me that it is nothing like that at all. That there are endless quarrels and jealousy and sharing favorite things was unheard of. Well, just let me have my fantasy, okay? :-) Here are two girls who will surely live up to what my imagination always told me having a sister would be like. I love these two little girls. This is the fourth session that I have had with this family so they have a special place in my heart. This day was soooo very overcast which made shooting a tiny bit challenging. But in the end I think we pulled it off and had a really great time. Mom drove over an hour here and when they were ready to leave we cleaned the girls up and put them in their jammies sure that they would be fast asleep within minutes after getting buckled in. The next day mom told me that they never slept a wink until they got home in their beds. In fact, she said they talked to each other all the way home. See? I told you having a sister is a cool thing.


Big sister was turning six years old so I got six balloons for her. Well, wouldn’t you know it, one of the balloons completely deflated. So just pretend she has six balloons. :-)

Little sister was turning two so she had two pretty pink balloons.


Is it a girl thing or what? The putting our hands on our hips. Totally girl.

Posted on April 27, 2011

This is a bit of a continuation of my last post entitled “Family Ties”. Before these kids had to head back home (they were here over their school break visiting grandparents) we got together for a quick session for just a few more shots. The day was very, very overcast so it was a bit of a challenge to find some good light but these kids are so good looking that they made my job of creating beautiful images so much easier. So here are a few more that I just had to share. Thanks again!





Posted on April 20, 2011

These kids are pretty much what we call “Irish twins”.  You know…they are just around a year apart.  Goodness I can’t imagine how busy life must have been for those first few years. Now they are at that perfect age.  The time between childhood and the preteen years. A time so brief and so magical that every moment must be enjoyed before it has gone away from us forever.

Brother is so care-free and just downright funny. Full of antics and joy of life. Sister is about the sweetest, most feminine little girl ever.  And wow, what a beauty! I hated that the sun had set and our time photographing was now over. These kids were just so refreshingly young and sweet and well mannered. I hope you all enjoy your sneak peek as much as I enjoyed my time with you! Thank you dad and grandpa for fixing my reflector and moving heavy flower pots. :-)








Posted on February 10, 2011

Pickles and ice cream cravings is no old wives’ tale. Okay, so maybe it isn’t always pickles and or ice cream but it is always something. I remember craving Olive Garden salads with my boy pregnancies. I almost single handedly put Olive Garden out of business. I just could not get enough of it and kept those waitresses running for refills. I also remember wanting to drink Squirt soda…that grapefruit soda. And then with my girls it was chocolate. Anything chocolate. I always had at least a half gallon of organic chocolate milk in my refrigerator and my family knew never ever to touch it. No one should ever be so foolish as to get between me and my chocolate…especially when I was pregnant. But collard greens? This was a new one for me. Oh wait! Not for me!! No. I am NOT the one pregnant. Don’t want to start that rumor going around. But this gorgeous, glowing young woman here is pregnant and she craves collard greens. We just had to capture a few images for her with those beloved collard greens. :-) I had such a wonderful time with this beautiful couple. They were so kind and gracious and I can hardly wait to see them again and do their newborn session. I just know he is going to be a doll baby.
Enjoy your sneak peek!


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Posted on November 25, 2010

This year in the Carolinas the autumn has seemed to linger a bit longer and I am not complaining. So many lovely days. Perfect days to take a walk in the woods or a stroll through a field. Winter will be upon us soon so it was such a pleasure to spend a few hours with this family enjoying some of the last days of fall. Little brother was such a personality! He had so much energy and so many fun faces. I can’t wait to show mom and dad all of his pictures that seem to capture his boyish exuberance. And sister was so sweet and so cooperative. I love her dreamy blue eyes. She brought some fun kid glasses and I couldn’t resist getting some shots of her with them on.  I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of our afternoon together. Thanks so much for letting me spend this time with you. :-)






Posted on September 27, 2010

Waiting…but not for long I am sure.  From what mom told me it sounds like baby will be here very soon.  And who of us who have had babies have had the good luck to look this good when so close to delivering? Goodness she looks like a super model!!  Such a beautiful mom to be! I hope you like your sneak peek. I know it won’t be long until we see each other again.






Posted on September 12, 2010

If a client tells you that when you come to do her newborn session that grandma, auntie, and two cousins ages 4 months and 3 years will be there along with her other two children ages five and two and a half, well let’s just say you expect there to be some chaos. Imagine my surprise then that when I arrive the house is absolutely peaceful. The children are all contented and quiet and the adults are relaxed and friendly. In fact this was probably the most peaceful newborn session I can remember. The kids were so perfectly behaved that I was amazed. I mean, I am the mom of five kids so I know chaos and I know well behaved and these were very, VERY well behaved children. What a delight! Not to mention the utterly adorable and perfect little newborn, baby girl “R” who spent most of her time sleeping sweetly.  And then to top it off Grandma did some mending that was needed on one of my newborn hats! Thank you grandma!! :-) So it was about as close to perfect as a newborn session can get.  Thank you all so much for inviting me into your  home and into your lives for the day. I truly enjoyed myself. :-) I hope you enjoy your little peek of your beautiful new little girl.







Posted on August 19, 2010

This precious first child, first grandchild, first niece is finally here! You may remember those two maternity sessions posted entitled Waiting for Rhylie parts one and two. I expected nothing less than this gorgeous little girl from two such beautiful parents.  Baby Rhylie was as sweet as can be but showed us exactly what she thought of having a photo session.  Peed every chance she got.  No one was exempt. Mom, dad or this photographer. LOL.  Lots of laundry to be done after. But who cares? I would do it all again just to have the chance to snuggle this little doll baby. Of course we will remind her of this sometime in the future.  Speaking of the future, all those who are parents especially know that the future comes all too quickly and before we know it our little babies are toddlers, then starting school and in a blink of an eye they are graduating and growing up and away from us. So mom and dad, enjoy every minute with your sweet daughter and I hope these pictures will bring a smile to your face not only now but in the years to come.




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