As promised here are some images of the newborn session from the maternity that I posted just below. This little baby boy was a special treat for this family after having three beautiful girls. Oh this precious baby is such a doll. You can tell already that he will have big eyes and beautiful features just like his sisters. How blessed this family is….even if they are a bit sleep deprived at the moment.  For the most part we got a lot of this: dsc_4161-bw-web
But thankfully we did get bits of this inbetween all of that.
Being close to his gorgeous mama makes him happy. Can you blame him?
Baby in daddy’s arms and hands are some of my very favorite images to capture. Look how comfortable little Tate is.
Sibling shots with a newborn are some of the most difficult images to capture so this shot here is the icing on the cake. It may be difficult to believe but not more than 10 minutes before this shot these girls were outside riding bikes and playing. They came in all sweaty and looking like they were having fun. Thanks to Aunt Carla who very quickly got them changed and cleaned up and helped settle them into this pose. It helps that these are girls are so sweet and cooperative. Oh goodness what a beautiful little family this is.

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