Posted on July 7, 2012

I have always held it against my parents that they never gave me a sister. To this day I am jealous of those that have sisters. I imagined that a sister would be someone that would be closer than a best friend. Someone to share dresses, nail polish and favorite shoes with. Someone that would keep my secrets safe. Having a sister would be like having a slumber party every night. Of course those of you that have sisters will probably tell me that it is nothing like that at all. That there are endless quarrels and jealousy and sharing favorite things was unheard of. Well, just let me have my fantasy, okay? :-) Here are two girls who will surely live up to what my imagination always told me having a sister would be like. I love these two little girls. This is the fourth session that I have had with this family so they have a special place in my heart. This day was soooo very overcast which made shooting a tiny bit challenging. But in the end I think we pulled it off and had a really great time. Mom drove over an hour here and when they were ready to leave we cleaned the girls up and put them in their jammies sure that they would be fast asleep within minutes after getting buckled in. The next day mom told me that they never slept a wink until they got home in their beds. In fact, she said they talked to each other all the way home. See? I told you having a sister is a cool thing.


Big sister was turning six years old so I got six balloons for her. Well, wouldn’t you know it, one of the balloons completely deflated. So just pretend she has six balloons. :-)

Little sister was turning two so she had two pretty pink balloons.


Is it a girl thing or what? The putting our hands on our hips. Totally girl.

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