I cannot believe that six months has already passed since I did the newborn photos for this little Miss. Oh how they change in that short time. Now she is sitting and even loving to walk while holding onto mom and dads hands. Poor mom and dad are going to have an early walker on their hands I think. :-)  As usual, my summer outdoor sessions always seem to involve some crazy threat of a bad thunderstorm and this time was no exception. We had to take cover as the rain just poured down and the skies were dark. We waited it out though and managed to get some more shots in albeit on some very wet ground. Cayman took it all in stride. She is such a doll baby but no matter what we all did we could not get a big smile out of her. Such a serious little girl when the camera comes out. Still adorable and beautiful though. What a wonderful age six months is!  Enjoy this sneak peek of our rainy day mom, dad, and grandparents. Thank you mom for being so well prepared and bringing so many props and darling outfits. And thanks Grandpa for being our chauffeur around the campus. :-)





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