I love maternity sessions. It is so fun and exciting to be a small part in the excitement during the last weeks of pregnancy.  I felt an instant connection with this mom. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we both are crazy about the color purple. Or maybe because we both enjoy cooking and learning about natural remedies. Or maybe it was because she is just a really, really nice person. It was just so easy and comfortable spending time with her and her adorable son and easy-going husband.  The yard was full of  beautiful flowers and there were  hammocks under the trees. Such a peaceful and lovely environment.  But  yet again, I had to deal with some scary thunder and a few bolts of lightning.  My stars I do attract the storms.  Despite the threatening storms we had a great time and I love the images I captured. I hope you all enjoy them too. I can’t wait to see you all again when your little girl has arrived. It won’t be long now. :-)

Look how adorable Zach is with that beautiful head of red curls.




Doesn’t she have the perfect belly?



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