Posted on May 19, 2011

The weather on this  spring day was so on and off again that we almost decided to reschedule because of the threat of rain. Well I am glad that we went ahead and took the chance, because although it was quite chilly for late May in the Carolinas  we never did see a drop of rain during the time we were together.  Oh but the light did mess with us a bit. Very cloudy one second and then bright sun, then a bit of clouds and on and on the cycle went. Made for some challenges but we still had fun.  It comes as no surprise that the three generations  here are soooo good looking when you see the beautiful grandparents. And the youngest one of the bunch at only two and a half was such an incredibly good child, so dog gone cute and was amazingly good at taking direction. Let’s say he is definitely comfortable in front of the camera. :-)  I hope you all enjoyed yourself walking around the arboretum with me. I also hope you enjoy this bit of a peek at our time together. Thanks so much for spending that chilly late afternoon with me and being so much fun to work with! :-)







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