Posted on February 15, 2011

When this beautiful girl asked me to take a few pictures of her when she turned seventeen there was no way I could say no. The day was very overcast but we still managed to get some lovely shots I believe. Little sister wanted in on the action so of course we let her get in a few of the shots. I just big puffy heart love these girls.

But oh how I wish I was seventeen again. Or at least looked like it. :-)




Posted on February 10, 2011

Pickles and ice cream cravings is no old wives’ tale. Okay, so maybe it isn’t always pickles and or ice cream but it is always something. I remember craving Olive Garden salads with my boy pregnancies. I almost single handedly put Olive Garden out of business. I just could not get enough of it and kept those waitresses running for refills. I also remember wanting to drink Squirt soda…that grapefruit soda. And then with my girls it was chocolate. Anything chocolate. I always had at least a half gallon of organic chocolate milk in my refrigerator and my family knew never ever to touch it. No one should ever be so foolish as to get between me and my chocolate…especially when I was pregnant. But collard greens? This was a new one for me. Oh wait! Not for me!! No. I am NOT the one pregnant. Don’t want to start that rumor going around. But this gorgeous, glowing young woman here is pregnant and she craves collard greens. We just had to capture a few images for her with those beloved collard greens. :-) I had such a wonderful time with this beautiful couple. They were so kind and gracious and I can hardly wait to see them again and do their newborn session. I just know he is going to be a doll baby.
Enjoy your sneak peek!


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