Posted on January 4, 2011

My last blog post was a photo of a little one week old baby girl who was really not into having her pictures taken. She may have won that battle but after going back for a re-shoot last week I feel like I can say I have won the war. :-) She is a little diva though. Usually once a baby is posed we can “tweak” the shot by fixing small details to perfect the pose/shot. This little one would appear to be in a deep sleep but as soon as we would touch her her eyes would open and she would fuss. But we just kept working at it and managed to capture some lovely images of this beautiful tiny girl. Notice though in the shot of her looking over daddy’s shoulder. She lets us know exactly how she feels about being the star of a photo session. LOL.  And look how gorgeous mom is! No Photoshop magic was necessary at all on this beautiful new mom.  Life is so not fair, is it?   :-)





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