Posted on October 25, 2010

And what a beautiful baby! She is just the perfect little baby doll with her darling head full of dark hair and the perfect little chubby legs and dainty hands. I wanted to take her home with me she was just so cute.  But don’t let those adorable, sweet, darling looks deceive you. She was one stubborn little girl. :-) This little miss had her mind on only one thing for most of the time I was there…and that was mama. She just couldn’t get enough of her mama so we did the best we could for a few minutes here and there when she kind of sort of slept through a few poses.  :-) Ahhh but she is so cute it just made up for it all. Thanks mom and dad! Keep my number if you ever need a babysitter!  Enjoy this little peek of your session.




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