Posted on July 18, 2010

Only four days old. So fresh. So new. So beautiful. Words cannot express enough what a privilege and gift it is to be asked to capture moments of a baby’s first days. I am truly honored to be part of this time in a family’s life.  Thank you family of Miss V for inviting me into your home. I really enjoyed myself and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek of a few of the images from that day.
Introducing Miss V!






And really this next shot should be an out-take but I couldn’t resist posting it. Dad is a big Detroit Tigers fan but I am sorry to say that it doesn’t appear that his daughter is. This is what baby V thinks of the Detroit Tigers. LOL. Maybe if we used a Braves jersey instead? :-)


Posted on July 14, 2010

The day was hot. At over 100 degrees hot is an understatement. But we didn’t let the heat spoil our fun. We had a great time exploring a park with rocks, waterfalls, big trees and plenty of room to run (or skateboard).  Mr. T just turned seven and it was my good luck to be able to capture him during this grand time of childhood. He was such fun with a million different expressions. Just asking him about his favorite word would bring out contagious laughter. Don’t ask what this favorite word is though. I have to keep it a secret. :-) He was just so natural and relaxed in front of the camera and just sooo good looking.  This boy would be perfect as an actor or model. Sorry though girls. T is already taken.  So Mr. T and family here is a peek at your session. Enjoy!




My favorite:


Is it any wonder how he got to be so good-looking? What a beautiful family!!







Posted on July 4, 2010

Remember the first session I had some weeks back with these beautiful parents-to-be? You can find it here.  Well we finally got to their “studio” session and  here is a little sneak peek of the fun we had. This mom is sooo beautiful and has the most perfect skin. I am so jealous of her tan. I look downright sickly next to her. :-) Rhylie should be here in a few weeks and we are all anxiously awaiting her debut.  Stay tuned for her newborn session. We know she is going to be beautiful. How can she not be with such a gorgeous family line behind her?


Soon to be three generations here.  Beautiful women!





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