Freezing Cold but You Could Feel the Warmth

Posted on December 31, 2009

Maybe it is that I am getting older or maybe it is that I have been spoiled the past 15 years by North Carolina’s usually mild winters but whatever the reason I hate this cold and snow spell we have had this year. I can’t wait for the temps to get back in the 50′s again where they belong in December. :-) So even though we froze while we did this shoot a couple of days ago, you could still feel the warmth between these two. I felt like I had known them forever; it was just so comfortable spending time with them. Next time though…let’s be sure it is just a smidge warmer outside.  Actually I can’t wait to work with you both again.  Here is your a little peek at some of your pics. I hope you enjoy this as much as I am sure you enjoyed your Mexican dinner and jumbo Dos Equis on Tuesday.  ;-)






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