Posted on October 21, 2009

What is more fun than a barrel of monkeys? These two adorable brothers.  We decided to meet at the beautiful, historic Woodfield Inn in Flat Rock, NC.  Lots of  nooks and crannies around the property for some fun for two boys and a workout for mom and this photographer! We were happy to see dad stop by to give us a hand. LOL.  I had a blast spending a gorgeous fall afternoon with these two sweet boys. Thanks mom! I hope  you all enjoy your sneak peek. :-)








Posted on October 12, 2009

I just want to be sure to invite everyone to become a fan of my facebook page. You can do this by clicking here or by clicking the facebook icon in the menu at the top left of this blog (the little lower case f). Starting sometime this winter I will be posting any special offers I have and also maybe a contest or two. So please become a fan and you will be sure to not miss out on anything. :-)

Of course how can put up a new post and not post a picture (or two or three)?  I love this little girl. :-)



Posted on October 4, 2009

I believe we may have a cure for the next drought that the Carolinas may experience. This beautiful family and I have decided that next time we need rain we only need to book a session together. We booked three different sessions that we had to cancel because of rain. For each one we would look at the weather forecast…even checking it the day of our session. Each time there would be almost no chance of rain but lo and behold as soon as I pulled into their drive the sky would darken and the thunder would start to roll. It was beginning to get comical. But finally we lucked out. Unfortunately dad was out of the country the week we did the pictures so we will have to do the family session another time.  (And keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain.) But for this session the sun was shining and the sky was that gorgeous Carolina blue that is so familiar to us in this part of the country.

So here is your sneak peek. You have such beautiful children. They truly are gorgeous.


I love this cool guitar!






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