Posted on June 23, 2009

Call me crazy but, I have always wanted twins. Even after having five kids (all singletons) I still think it would be so cool to have twins. My family is complete so no hope of twins for me but the next best thing is having the opportunity to photograph these two sweet baby boys.  These are actually clients of Wende Trew but I was lucky enough along with Lina Jarmond to be able to capture some fun pics too. Thank you Wende for letting me in on all the fun (and work LOL)!  I have to say I slept like a baby that night. LOL. I hope the babies did too. :-)

First some of them together.




And now some of them separately. They are identical twins and it was quite a challenge to always know who was who. :-)


This mohawk hat is just too cute!





Posted on June 11, 2009

These two little girls were so sweet and so good despite the fact that we were out in the blazing sun in the middle of a field of goats.  Nap time did come a little earlier than expected so we didn’t get as many shots as we would have liked but all in all we did good.  These little sisters are the cutest things around and I really enjoyed their company for the morning. Thanks Mom and Dad! I hope you like your sneak peek. :-)

Baby J is on the move so we thought if we put her in a basket it would slow her down just a bit. I love how chubby cute she is! What a darling!



Big sister H is such a pretty child and soooo well behaved. I was impressed because two and a half can typically be a bit difficult but this sweetie was a dream.  Mom and Dad you should be proud to have two very beautiful, very good little girls!


Posted on June 1, 2009

The purpose of a photographer’s blog is usually to promote their business but, today I am using mine to give credit to my mentor Wende Trew.  Wende is a fantastic, gifted photographer and I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when she so graciously volunteered to mentor me.  She is so generous with her time and talent. She not only mentors me but also quite a few other aspiring photographers. I have no idea where she finds the time and energy to do this but, I sure am  happy that she does.  In my opinion her signature work is the moody black and white portrait. I am crazy about her work in this area and was very lucky to have spent some time in her studio this spring giving a shot at her style which I so want to emulate. Wende provided us with a group of beautiful models that were a dream to work with.  Thank you Wende for your kindness in sharing your time, energy and talent with so many of us. Thank you too for the endless inspiration that you provide.  Readers you need to check out her website and if you are ever in the Raleigh, North Carolina area you should schedule a session. You will be glad that you did.

My tries at a moody black and white while at her studio.



And one I did from my own “studio”.


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