Posted on May 4, 2009

This little boy was only a week old and the sweetest thing ever! We did get some good sleep out of him but he was surprisingly alert for such a little one. I believe he may be following in the footsteps of his big sister who is the brightest two year old I have seen! It was a fun day and I thank you mom and dad for letting me share in this time with you. I really enjoyed myself. :-)

Here are a couple of pics for a sneak peek for you. The rest will be up in your gallery soon. Are you surprised about the two of them together? After all the chaos we went through to get this shot I am thrilled with how it came out. I hope you are too. Enjoy!


And I know you prefer black and white but I had to put one color one here. :-) This will be available as a black and white also.


Posted on May 2, 2009

I could not wait to use this new very tiny, very red pettiskirt and this old baby doll bed. I can’t believe my luck that I had the opportunity to shoot this very beautiful baby girl. Mama you should be over the moon to have such a doll baby. She is adorable.


Posted on May 2, 2009

These two little girls were part of a family shoot that we did on that same weekend with friends. This family endured the hot sun, almost a dozen photographers and a field full of ticks. Yet we still got some beautiful smiles. LOL.


and her sister


Posted on May 2, 2009

A weekend with 10 women I had never met before and a bunch of willing models = heaven. Especially when the 10 women are great photographers and lots of fun to be with. I wish it could have gone on for a week instead of just a weekend. We must plan another one of these get togethers soon girls. We really must.

We got to spend an entire afternoon in a great little town with a bunch of fun loving kids and teens. They were all so patient with us photogs as we posed them. They even jumped many times over so we could all “get the shot”. Thanks so much to each and every one of you!
Here are a few pics from that afternoon.




And just to give us a change of a pace…..




Not to be left out  here is the most experienced model of the group. Her mom is a great photographer so it isn’t any wonder that she knew just how to work the camera. :-)


How many times did you jump that afternoon? What a trooper!


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