Posted on November 13, 2008

Fifteen years ago when I was pregnant with my fourth child, my husband and I were having one of those late night talks and we calculated that someday we would have three teenagers in the house at the same time. Whoa! That seemed scary. How would we survive?!  But at the time those  years still seemed so far off. However, as parents especially understand, the years pass far too quickly. Legos, Tonka trucks, baby dolls and ballet shoes are all too soon replaced by cell phones, driver’s licenses, make up and  iPods.  Those late nights where we walked the floors with a croupy baby are gone. Now we lie awake at night waiting for those headlights to appear in the drive, to hear their key in the door. My second son turns twenty today. Those years of having three teenagers in our home at the same time are now over as quickly as they came upon us. And I am happy to say that not only did we survive those years but we enjoyed them far more than I could have imagined. So yesterday I did a quick photo session in our backyard to honor those years. At first they all grumbled but soon we were all laughing and having fun. It was over within an hour but I will remember it always. Thank you my three middle ones for giving me this moment. And for giving me memories that in the years to come will bring a tear to my eye and a smile on my face.





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